April 23rd, 2019

Yacht Charter Greek Islands

Invite yourself, family and friends to discover the delights of the Mediterranean,
Aegean islands of ancient Greece on a private yacht charter holiday
this Spring, Summer or Fall.

Yacht Charter Greek Islands

yacht charter greek islands – We offer best luxury yacht charter holidays from Greek Islands, Dodecanese Islands, Rhodes, Kos, Patmos. 

Greece has been a popular vacation hot spot for a multitude of holiday styles. The infamous Aegean and Mediterranean seas are boasting with hundreds of unique islands – big and small, filled with rich history, a diverse culture, savory cuisine, peerless natural beauty and a plethora of activities available to holidaymakers from around the globe. No matter which decade, Greece and its islands remain on top lists for the perfect destination get-a-way. There are two ways to enjoy the treasures of Greece. Either by land or by hiring a private yacht charter in Greece from any one of the major ports our beautiful blue cruise gulet is available from at the time. yacht charter greek islands

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Yacht Charter Greece Destinations

A nearly endless choice in destinations and route combinations, travelers can plan, and with the help of professionals, travelers can truly enjoy an unforgettable vacation at sea.  Our Greek Island yacht charter is available from the various island groups – depending on her booking schedule. Enjoy the famous sunsets in Santorini and the island of the winds in Mykonos. If you are away for some R & R, and not keen on travelling too far out but still able to experience the pleasures of the islands, the Dodecanese is another popular group of islands to sail around from Rhodes or Kos or Turkey. With its close proximity to the Cyclades islands and Turkey, the Dodecanese is an ideal starting point and offers many itinerary selections to pick from.  Let us not forget about the world renown islands of Corfu and Zakynthos where there is something for everyone.  Whether amazing nightlife choices to calming waters and peaceful bays and coves, the Ionian islands are a great alternative to the very windy Cyclades during Meltemi season in late June, July, August and early September.

Corfu, Lefkas Islands Ionian

The Ionian islands are a dream paradise and a very ideal area for Sailing the Greek Islands. The seas are calmer than any other island regions of Greece. The winds are less stronger – especially compared to the Meltemi in the Aegean. As a result makes it perfect for chartering a yacht with family and friends. Bases to embark from in the Ionians are located in Gouvia marina in Corfu and the Lefkas marina in Lefkas island. It’s a favorite with not only yacht charterers but also private yachters as well.

Mykonos, Santorini Cyclades

You have many reasons to get excited about a luxury yacht charter holiday in the Cyclades. Recognized as one of the most popular destination regions in the world, the Cyclades offers an abundance of everything you can expect from a luxurious, exciting, adventureous and relaxing Mediterranean holiday and possibly more. Famed for windy Mykonos and sunset eden Santorini, combined with the other beautiful islands – completes a spectacular sailing vacation. Yacht charter base ports are Alimos marina and Lavrion port, Athens.

Athens, Saronic & Argolic Gulf

For travelers seeking a calm waters on a yacht charter holiday without the strong winds, and options to combine secluded bay, some adventure, nightlife entertainment and interesting sightseeing destinations, then the Saronic Gulf is a great place to go on a Sailing charter holiday. This region includes also the Argolic Gulf and the eastern shores of the Peloponesse. Located southwest to Athens there numerous islands in the Saronic with some of the most beautiful beaches. Situated close to each other, islands are merely a few hours sailing away.

Rhodes, Kos Dodecanese


The Dodecanese islands offer a warm atmosphere. Sailing yacht charter holidays begin in early April and go on until November (weather permitting). Unlike the open central Aegean sea, these islands present the northewest winds, but are not as strong. The waters are calmer as are the winds. Serving harbors include Rhodes and Kos. Visitors will enjoy beautiful architectural influences from the Venetians and much by the Knights of St. John from the middle ages. There is no end to the regions natural beauty and treasures of Greek culture and cuisine.

Skiathos Island Sporades

SkiathosThe base for charter yachts in the Sporades is served from the Skiathos Island marina. The Sporades group of islands is situated on the northwest of the Aegean Sea. It's an area where sailing is much enjoyed with the numerous stunning beaches. You won't find many historical sites however charterers choose to relax and unwind in beautiful bays from where the pine trees extend all the way to the waters. The islands in the Sporades offer plenty of choice for exploration - from the beaches, villages, churches, castles and more. Skiathos aiport is conveniently close to the harbor.

Greece Yacht Charter Selections

While yachting may be considered a high priced holiday style, it can also be quite budget friendly. Take for instance the traditional gulets. These types of boats are great if you aren’t keen on paying for that extra fuel expense as it is included up to 4 hours in the charter rates. While motor yachts and sailing yachts are generally chartered with what is called an APA (Advanced Provisions Allowance). This is the amount paid on top of the charter rate to cover additional expenses such as food, beverages, fuel and other extras.

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