Alcohol and Drug Rehab. Bingedrinking and Alcohol poisoning

Each year, about 50 students lose their lives due to binge drinking. Alcohol-related injury causes more than 1,400 deaths among college students each year. Renew Wellness Recovery has defined binge drinking to be five or even more drinks straight for men, or at least four for women.

Alcohol poisoning occurs when someone consumes large quantities of alcohol quickly. Alcohol has a central nervous systems.
This depressant is lethal. It can produce various emotional, physical and behavioral effects.
This is a brain.

A low alcohol level can cause impairments in speech, sight, and mobility. The amount of alcohol consumed increases.
Drinking alcohol can affect coordination, reflexes, and balance. And then the more you drink the worse it gets.
Control of respiration and the heart rate are impaired. A person can also experience a rapid drop in heartbeat and stop breathing.
coma or death.

The body usually oxidizes around one ounce (one drink), per hour.
Depending on how much someone drinks, what’s in their stomach, and how rapidly they drink it, it can be 45-90 minute after they stop drinking.
Drinking for them to achieve their highest level. You must ensure that the individual who has passed out after abusing alcohol is awake.
You should be very attentive.

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