April 23rd, 2019

Dodecanese Islands

The Greek Islands along with the turquoise waters in Turkey can be combined to complete spectacular yacht charter routes from Rhodes and Kos; or just enjoyed as island hopping in the Dodecanese.

Dodecanese Islands - Greece

Dodecanese Islands – Greece

The islands in the Dodecanese are very favored by travelers as it offers more itinerary combinations when combining the coast of Turkey. These beautiful islands are also situated on the east part of the Cyclades islands and can also be an great alternative combination – except for possibly the months of July and August during the peak of the Meltemi winds which blow across from the Aegean from Turkey to Greece. Islands ideal to visit include are Kos, Rhodes, Patmos and the more famous of the group. More islands can also be included into your route, smaller and not as mentioned but worth dropping anchor.

The main harbors to begin your blue cruise charters in Greece are Rhodes (close to Marmaris Turkey or Kos Island (close to Bodrum Turkey). Also when traveling on your yacht charter in the Dodecanese, many Turkish gulets are available to take you into Greek waters or pick you up from the Greek islands: Rhodes or Kos. This then gives you more choice in boats – especially gulets!

The region, like many of the islands, feature the authentic Greek charming atmosphere, sandy beaches (quiet and party), beautiful white-washed Greek houses, excellent climate, and endless scenery of the Eastern Med.  Your private Greek islands yacht charter captain can easily plan a splendid route to see these magnificent treasures.

The Dodecanese islands offer a warm atmosphere. Sailing charter holidays begin in early April and go on until November (weather permitting). Unlike the open central Aegean sea, these islands present the northewest winds, but are not as strong. The waters are calmer as are the winds from the southwest, in the Spring and also during September. Visitors will enjoy beautiful architectural influences from the Venetians and much by the Knights of St. John from the middle ages. Winters are typical mild Mediterranean and there is no end to the regions’ natural beauty and treasures of Greek culture and cuisine. There are over 163 islands and islets filled with a wide assortment of stunning beaches and bays – definitely worth seeing.

The island of Patmos is famed for for the Monastery of St. John and recognized as one of the most sacred places of worship in Christianity. Rhodes is an exciting place to see. The island boasts numerous ruins from the Byzantine, Ottoman and Roman empires. International airports to fly to would be Kos and Rhodes.

A couple of itinerary examples could be like shown below. However there are other various  combinations, including destinations in Turkey or the islands in the Cyclades.

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