April 23rd, 2019

Ionian Islands

An unparalleled yacht charter holiday paradise in the Ionian islands of Corfu, Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca Meganisi and Lefkas.

Ionian Islands - Greece

Ionian Islands – Greece

The Ionian islands are a dream paradise and a very ideal area for Sailing the Greek Islands. The seas are calmer than any other island regions of Greece. The winds are less stronger – especially compared to the Meltemi in the Aegean. As a result makes it perfect for chartering a yacht with family and friends. Bases to embark from in the Ionians are located in Gouvia marina in Corfu and the Lefkas marina in Lefkas island.

It’s a favorite with not only yacht charterers but also private yachtsman as well. In addition to the area visitors by sea, thousands of tourists fly to Corfu annually, and it is popular all year long from Spring all through Fall. Many charter yachts in Greece get booked up by the Europeans including the Greek, quite early because of the high demand to visit Corfu and the other famous picturesque islands such as Zakynthos, Kefalonia, Ithaca Meganisi and Lefkas. You may have seen all the beautiful photos of these islands and might wonder if they are as stunning as they look in the pictures. The answer is ‘definitely’.

Fertile land brings out the fields blanketed with olive groves. The weather is perfect and the waters turquoise and crystal clear. There is a mixture of many different civilizations and culture in the Ionian islands of Greece. All are mixed together to combine a magnificent medley of treasures in history, cuisine and tradition. One can expect to experience an unforgettable seafaring Mediterranean journey filled with entertainment, savory dishes, warm hospitality, pristine beaches, private bays and coves, and so much more on a private yacht charter in Greece.

Other than a yacht holiday within the Ionians, an alternative itinerary can be combined to include a trip to Italy as well. This of course depends on the yacht, the booking schedule of the chosen yacht, the time of year, and budget.

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