April 23rd, 2019

Saronic Gulf Islands

Calming waters, conveniently near Athens, Greek Islands yacht holidays can be experienced in the Saronic Gulf, Argolic Gulf and the eastern shores of the Peloponesse.

Argo Saronic Islands - Greece

Argo Saronic Islands – Greece

For travelers seeking a calm waters on a yacht charter holiday without the strong winds, and options to combine secluded bay, some adventure, nightlife entertainment and interesting sightseeing destinations, then the Saronic Gulf Islands is a great place to go on a Sailing charter holiday. This region includes not only the Saronic Gulf but also the Argolic Gulf and the eastern shores of the Peloponesse. Located southwest to Athens there numerous islands in the Saronic with some of the most beautiful beaches.

Situated close to each other, favored islands are merely a few hours sailing away. Charterers will find that there are a variety of sandy beaches stretching long, and picturesque backdrops of pine forests and rocky capes. Enjoy the brilliance of excellent weather, plenty of sunshine, clear blue waters and peerless scenic natural beauty. Your luxury Greek Islands yacht charter from Athens can offer an unforgettable sailing experience.

Diversity exists with a medley of cultures as with alluring pottery, sponges, shops and restaurants along paths of narrow and winding streets in the island towns. While there is a bustling cosmopolitan atmosphere, there is just as much unspoiled islands to explore. A couple of highlights in the Saronic include but certainly not limited to are an array of seafood restaurants, schools of dolphines in the deep blue sea – following your route from one island to the next, and historical sites plentiful.

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