Steam Carpet Cleaning Method

Many different methods are available to spotless carpet, making it difficult for consumers to decide on the best method. Every cleaning method has advantages and disadvantages. The carpet industry recommends steam carpet cleaning because it is the most efficient and thorough. Steam carpet cleaning consistently produces superior results to the other methods.

These are the steps you need to follow when steam cleaning.

Following a pre inspection, the carpet’s surface is vacuumed. Any stains which may pose a problem are treated using special stain-removing agents. It is then necessary to spray the carpet with solvent in order to dissolve or emulsify any soiling. After the appropriate dwell time the carpet is rinsed with hot, soapy water. The wand, which is a specially designed tool for this task, will be used. A high-pH cleaning solution must be followed by an acidic rinse to bring down the pH of any residual moisture. This method will allow machines to remove over 90% of carpet moisture.

To speed drying, airmovers are strategically placed. Drying time is reduced significantly.

A professional carpet cleaner can use stain protection to preserve a clean surface and repel spills.

Steam carpet cleaning is a popular method of cleaning, but it can cause problems if technicians are not properly trained and use sub-standard equipment. Over the past 30 year, steam carpet cleansing has seen significant improvements. Trained technicians routinely achieve results superior to those achieved with alternative methods. The carpet is restored to its original state and can dry in as little as two hours. The dirtier the carpet, the more chemicals and water it will take to clean. But this could lead to future problems if cleaning solutions are not fully extracted. However, the experienced carpet cleaner will know exactly how to perform the job.
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