The Microwave Oven – A Personal Selection

After some research and after reading user ratings and reviews, I have made my own shortlist of combination microwaves. It is important to find out what combi oven microwaves are the most reliable and cost-effective if you’re looking for one.

Panasonic flatbed combination microwave NNCF778S.

No turntable is required for the NN-CF778SBPQ combo oven. You can use any plate that fits. This is why this oven has a 27-litre volume, which gives you plenty of space for large dishes. With the microwave, grill and convection-oven you can also cook in true combination.

Some Features Include:

In a microwave flatbed, a 1300-watt grill can cook roasted dinners. Two cooking levels in stainless steel. Mode energy saving. 6 power levels. Turbo defrost. Touch control. Touch control.

Specs include:

1000W (I.E.C.) Inverter microwave 1300W with quartz grill and three setting, 1400W with fan-assisted convection Oven temperatures range from 40degC to 100-250degC. Stainless steel with self-cleaning backplate.

General Electric Advantium 120 Profile Advantium SCA1001KSS

This model is 120-volt powered, which gives it a major advantage over its competitors. This model can be installed, plugged into an over-the range outlet and you are ready to cook immediately.

If you have a 240-volt outlet, it is better to choose that model. The Advantium 120 is a better choice than a simple microwave.

The oven has a wide range of advanced features. Advantium 120 has 100 preset food options, an advanced help program, and the ability to save your favorite recipes. The sensor detects the moisture content of food and automatically stops cooking when it is time. This sensor will virtually prevent food from being ruined in the microwave.

The standard for this type of oven is a two-speed fan that can provide a maximum 300 cfm. Our favorite source of light for the cooktop is a bright and effective halogen lamp.

Pros : Excellent sensor, superior illumination, runs on 120-volt power.

Con: Not as powerful as 240-volt models

One happy customer wrote, “My Advantium heats up in about 5 minutes.” The Advantium cools very quickly and it has not caused me any problems using it in the microwave after I used it to bake. I’m currently using it on my counter during this temporary phase of the kitchen. A real godsend!)”

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