Voltage Transformers

The transformer is an electrical device that transforms voltage via magnetic coupling. There are no moving parts. It consists primarily of a magnetic center with at least two to three coupled windings. These windings either boost or lower the incoming electricity. This is achieved by the transfer of energy through the magnetic centre. These windings, also known as Secondary or Primary windings, are often referred to as such. The electromagnetic field thus generated expands and collapsing about the conductor. This alters the induced potential and creates an output from the secondary coil. It can either step up or down the input voltage. In managing electricity infrastructure, all needs must be wise and with quality products. Then MGM Transformers can help to supply varying secondary voltages to externally connected loads. You can find quality electrical and lighting products at the MGM Transformer Company.

To understand the function and purpose of a transformer we need to consider only two sets. When AC voltage is applied at the input of an electrical device such as an electric motor, the alternating current from the Primary winding creates magnetic flux within the core. This causes an AC current in the secondary winding, which is either the stepup or the decrease voltage of the device. The input voltage of the device is what the terms step up or step down refer too. To run your equipment, you will need to have a step down transformer if your equipment was specified with an input voltage 110 Volts AC.

The transmission of high tension power is done using huge towers that carry the cables. Once the power leaves the plant, the voltage is dropped to the minimum required level before it can be distributed to the consumers. The reason why power is increased when it leaves a power station, is because there are power loss along the way. If the supply can reach the destination at the required power level, then the demand for power can be met. These applications make good use of transformers.

The transformer is probably the most simple of all electrical devices. While its basic principle and design has not changed much over the last 100-years, material and design have continued to improve. It is an important tool in the transformation of electrical energy. This can be used both for power transmission or consumer use. Similar to this, audio frequency converters were used in previous experiments in the development of phones. They can still be found inside many electronic devices. Different sizes of transformers can be found depending on their purpose. It can range from the size of a thumbnail to the largest units used in power transmission applications for national power grids. They all follow the same basic principles.

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